Work Light, LED, 120 vac

Work Light, LED, 120 vac

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120 VAC LED Work Light Bulb

Part #:


1 LED Array 120VAC Light Bulb

Used On / Where is it Located:

A15 Merlin

S15 Falcon

S35 Kestrel

S70 Peregrine

Located above the Cooler Tray of the Roaster

NOT compatible with S7 Nighthawk

Parts Service Factor / Life Expectancy:

Life expectancy is dependent upon roaster usage, replace as needed. Symptoms indicating replacement needed include No Light, Flickering Light or Dim Light. This is a 110v Light Bulb. To troubleshoot an inoperable light bulb, use a standard bulb in the fixture. This will rule out any issues relating to the circuit breaker, switch, fuse or wiring.